Saturday, 9 October 2010

I have been encouraged. May bad punnage ensue: Recent RedBubble and Zazzle Sales

The ever-awesome GreekGeek actually bought the first unicorn shirt from this blog post. Someone paid money for my sense of humour. I'm in shock!

Sales I've made in the last month on Zazzle:

The Unicorn T-shirt, of course.

A Unicorn is a horse that... T-Shirt shirt

A sheet of these barn owl postage stamps

One of these prints (of course! I sell more of this than any other put together). It was also the only thing I sold in September which was very sad after August being relatively huge (mostly referral sales, but I actually earnt a volume bonus for the first time.)

And this - I had to get my brother this kitty on a hoodie from RedBubble (we order from RedBubble because the shipping's free for me, being in Australia, if I order five shirts)

I remember being so pleased when I discovered that the 'Pussy Cat, pussy cat' rhyme was free to use :D
Cat and Mouse:Pussycat Rhyme mug

RedBubble Sales
I'm in mild shock - I didn't really think anyone ever bought anything from RedBubble, I just used it for its nicer and more official-looking gallery/portfolio set-up (and later to order my own stuff. Like t-shirts for my family, and stickers. THEY DO AWESOME STICKERS. I shall be selling them at the Armageddon convention in a couple of weeks :D )

The Stickers - they're die-cut from the t-shirt images, so have a small white edging around the actual colour because my transparent PNGs worked

Someone ordered this mermaid print from RedBubble last week which was a complete surprise and a great delight. I've also discovered that my RB account is set up in pounds *facepalm* (I never sold anything! I had no need to check!)
I'm linking the Zazzle image, because RedBubble isn't set up to allow that.

And I sold a bunch of greeting cards!
Two of the Morning Flight mermaid, which I sold a poster of above, and one of the Blue Waters painting (directly above) and a Colours of the Imagination one, of which I also sold a poster later on Zazzle, listed above.. People like mermaids, it seems!

If you're curious about my Zazzle sales, I wrote this lens about what I've earnt so far (as I write this, nothing above has been included; it's relevant as of August 2010).
And this one compiles all the helpful lenses on Squidoo about using Zazzle.

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