Thursday 23 June 2011

Banned From the SquidU Forums. For Sheer Awesomeness

I haven't updated in a while, so it's probably worth mentioning that I was a forum moderator on the SquidU forums as of about a week ago.

And as of a few minutes ago, I'm banned.

The forum could not handle my awesomeness.
Banned for being awesome.

And before I get crushed by the resounding wave of uncaring, I'll rush to admit that I banned myself. Temporarily. So I knew what people would see.

So, here it is. I cannot access the forums at all and it won't even let me log out! I'm not sure if it's just not letting me do anything or if it's recognising my IP. However, the message is pretty clear. And that email is out of date...

*checks in Firefox*

Nope. Banned there too, while logged out. So it's IP based.
So. Thoroughly banned.

Banned. No forums. Can't moderate. Can't post or lurk or... hmmm. This may have been unwise.

*sits and twiddles thumbs*

Surely my fellow moderators will miss me soon? And actually want me back? They will right? Right?

(update: I actually was banned from the New Official Squidoo forums in 2013. Read about that here).


  1. No way!!!

    I wanted to tick all three, just for the sheer genius factor

    Okay you made my day

  2. *bows*

    I live to amuse. Now, for my next trick, which unsuspecting moderator to ban next...

  3. I was wondering why you were banned....Paulonbooks was scared that he would never be more awesome...

  4. Oh my! Couldn't resist pushing that big red button? ;-)

  5. PaulonBooks was right to be scared. I am clearly the most awesome.

    Sadly the ban button isn't red (actually, that's probably lucky or we'd ban people a lot more)!


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