Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Armageddon Convention Incoming -Time To Panic and Run Around With Billboards

The 2010 Auckland Armageddon Scifi Convention is coming - in fact, it's in two days. And it's time to turn into an Artist again.

It's something I do have to do, because when someone's looking at my prints, I can't be the 'Biology student reading the journal articles for next week' or the 'librarian on holiday and so entitled to pretend I can't see you'. And while I can be 'the person who writes crazy things online' I can't just handily link to whatever I'm referring to - ArtRage is usually the main culprit here, trying to explain how I painted my paintings and why they must go and download it and buy a graphics tablet immediately (actually, I need a new one. Mine is rather old and worn and I got it secondhand).
Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet

And I can try and explain, to people I'm trying to lure online (usually onto Squidoo) that I write about things that people might be interested in, and the site pays me because I bring them visitors and ad revenue - and they get paid by the ad companies. And that I can link to certain companies who have programs set up to encourage people to link to them by offering commissions on sales. Or that I upload my artwork to sites who do the printing only when someone orders it and takes a cut of the profits to handle that. (Just had to explain to my mother about what a purple star on Squidoo was - see last bit of previous entry - and how I could magically know what search terms people are using to find her page. She's smart so I don't need to repeat much ^_^ But it's a new language to her).

And that is how I am used to making money - which is why people coming to my actual, physical stall is both blase (in that I am already accustomed to what people look at and for) and extremely exhilirating (they are looking at MY art! MINE!) and terrifying (OMG I have to talk to them. And if I ignore them they'll leave. Or if I look at them they'll be creeped out and so will I! I have gotten into awesome conversations and I love answering questions and helping people, but I hate starting the conversation, and don't usually know how. Plus people don't realise I am joking on 80% of first encounters, which leads to trauma, which makes them less likely to buy my pictures :D )

See? Pictures >>> I made a calendar!

Normally I tell people I am a librarian. An equally skilled and misunderstood job [today I issued 80+ laptops, showed someone that the computer volume was muted and the headphones weren't broken, looked up various books for which they only knew the vaguest of titles, quickly and easily pulled several obscure search results out of thin air and resisted the urge to say 'acracadabra' (or 'Avada Kedavra' in certain cases >.> ),  issued lots of headphones, showed someone how to save to a USB, showed someone how to add another powerpoint slide, showed someone how to attach a document to their email, and typed up a spreadsheet for my manager and discovered how to make a tick symbol in Excel ('a' in the Martell font)].

But for three days, I have to be the Artist. I always AM the Artist, it's part of me - an undercurrent lurking to swamp unsuspecting commentators - but now I have to be the Professional Artist. And not sneak any Discworld books into the con to read under the table. At least I have lots of prints and posters and stickers. I hope I have less at the other end D:

And this post wasn't really about Armageddon at all. MWAHAHAHAHA.

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