Saturday 4 September 2010

Amazing Fantasy Artwork: Shadowlands by Lytayvea

This painting took my breath away, and I'm seriously considering buying it (not as light a proposition as it sounds, considering the shipping to New Zealand is often tragically high).

The girl is beautiful and delicate, and makes me desperately want to try drawing her. The lighting is gentle and natural looking, and the slanting composition, with the girl and her tree taking up the foreground and the forest stretching behind, makes me feel like I'm looking along a ridge, halfway up the slope of the hills.

On closer inspection, I also find she's literally blending with the shadows, and she has some dusty butterfly wings. The other little details - the haze in the distance, the faintly shining waterfalls, the soaring bird, the ferns - all add depth and space, and reward a longer look.

Some other gorgeously detailed fantasy paintings from Gloria Scholik's deviantART gallery:

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