Sunday, 19 September 2010

Silly Captioned Zazzle T-Shirts

I have a weird sense of humour... occasionally I succumb and make random t-shirts (and stuff) instead of updating my store with my artwork like a good artist should.

Especially when it comes to unicorns. Unicorns are FUNNY. I restrained myself after four, though... if you've got a better caption, care to share? (And if you really want your idea on one of the t-shirts below, they should all be customisable, so just replace the text)

A Unicorn is a horse that... T-Shirt shirtUnicorns Don't Need Camouflage T-Shirt shirt
A Unicorn is Just a Pointy Horse T-Shirt shirtWho Needs Camouflage? Unicorn T-Shirt shirt

Then there's the silly-to-me but probably not to other people ones...

Then there's the political/argumentative ones...
I Can Change Your Opinion With My MIND shirt

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