Wednesday 25 August 2010

The Guild Music Videos

I knew of the existence of a show called The Guild, vaguely, but it has finally infected my online sphere. First ArchMage was watching an episode, then the Do You Wanna Date My Avatar video pops up on Facebook, and a thread about The Guild emerges on the GITP forums. Fate was against me, it seems, and a new time-suck is reeling me in.... (I write this partway through the final episode of Season four of Angel). Worse, not only is Felicia Day rather very hot, the songs are actually quite listenable.

And so began my quest to discover the various music videos (avoiding the series for the sake of finishing Angel ...for now).

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar is catchy and very... well, let's just say it appeals a lot to anyone who plays any kind of RPG.

And Game On is a full-on Bollywood geekextravaganza, complete with gaming puns, backing dancers and a lot of brightly coloured costumes. And an elephant.

And I don't think I want to watch the Christmas Carol one again. Early attempts and all but it was kinda depressing.

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