Saturday, 23 October 2010

A brief Armageddon update - Day 1

A quick update from today, the first day of Armageddon. On silly netbook - everything looks slightly stretched. Hope it's the netbook, not my pictures!

Only sold about $30 of stuff - very slow today, for everyone, but apparently my posters on the Drawfest (DeviantART) stall have been selling well. Also RIGHT BY THE WRESTLING. AARGH. SO LOUD.

Some interesting stalls this year; Dr Who jewellery, art... the creators of Looking For Group and LICD (Lars Sohmer and someone else, i think) had a stall, which WOULD have been very cool six months ago - a month after finding, and two months before getting very tired of - the webcomics. Bought a couple of posters (one from Murk, the awesome guy-painting-rainbow-everything picture, and an artist I don't know, with a realistic donkey-unicorn; left posters on stall overnight so can't look up the signature...)

I was bored and drew one of the other artist's ball jointed dolls. It's called Ophelia, is apparently a vampire, and is both creepy and disproportionate.

I also drew Chell, from Portal, with the Companion Cube on her back, but couldn't remember what the portal gun looked like.
pencil chell portal fan art blue weighted companion cube orange  jumpsuit

Arkillian's moving to share with other artists on a spare stall tomorrow (they didn't get told to turn up on Friday to get their ticket-stuff, so had no stall today but will have space tomorrow). As we have no space, this is good - I will be left to plot with ThePlanPony (who will then escape back down to Hastings and avoid repercussions).

Was disorganised - don't have any kind of business card, and have two t-shirts from Redbubble to sell (which are attracting attention = good) but hadn't considered taking orders. Also should have ordered more common sizes. Did get to wear my YinYang one though and feel arty :D

Also saw Bria Silivren in her shiny black armour of -50 movement penalty, at the 501st/Rebel Legion (Star Wars costuming group/s) stand. (Okay, Fem TIE pilot costume).

And drew a friend who couldn't make it and cut it out and stuck it everywhere and photographed it. I doubt I'm allowed to put that up. Even though my drawing doesn't really look anything like them cause I was drawing at an angle (...and then sat up and looked at it straight on and went "oh.....piffle").
Fem TIE pilot costume

Also TPPony bought a Firefly print off Jason Palmer, who Bria has been telling me lots about. So I said 'Hi my friend knows you and keeps showing you the art she bought" and he knew who I was talking about, and so did not go "ARGH ANOTHER PERSON TRYING TO SUCK OUT MY TALENT BY SHAKING MY HAND" and instead politely shook my hand and said hello in a friendly way. And I sucked out his talent. mwahaha.

The post for Day two is here

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