Wednesday 25 August 2010

Top Five Most Popular Disney Femslash Images of the Month

It's interesting keeping an eye on the traffic through my Squidoo lenses - and the one that's really taken off lately, in a scary way (Google is finally bringing it up in search results) is the Disney Femslash lens.

So I thought I'd just post up the most popular clickouts of the last month.

Unsurprisingly, the comics were waaaay up there with ~120 clicks each. X-Arielle is pretty much the definitive Disney femslash artist on DA and Nana-51 is right up there with her.

I'll just post them in order here - first two on the left are the original comics from Nana-51, in which Megara decides to try an online... sorry, a magic mirror dating service and calls up Ariel for ...well, some fun. The third is X-Arielle's rather fun response, in which Meg teases Melody (Ariel's daughter in the sequel)

Mum's Friends by ~X-Arielle (response/fan comic)

The final two were much less popular with 69 and 52 respectively. They BOTH feature Snow White and the Evil Queen, interestingly.

Number four is a short manga comic about apples, wishes and tricks turning out to be treats...

Snow White - Mini Manga Yuri

...while Number five pairs up the Evil Queen with Snow White in chains at her feet, in a nicely contrasting sombre theme (compared to the generally very happy and Disney-bright fan art)

The real happy ending by piccolaria

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  1. First of all, I'd like to say that I think Gays and Lesbians should be accepted everywhere, even if they're not always agreed with. That being said, I'm not sure I'm in favor of this popularity surge simply because most Disney women are 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt heterosexual. However, the first amendment to the US Constitution gives you the right to do this, so perhaps this is a sign of Democratic Progressivism (which I am in favor of).

  2. I think the main points I'd answer to there are:

    1. They're fictional, it's not affecting their reputation or lives (as 'they're closeted' rumours could for real people)

    2. There are no real mainstream alternative role models for people who like (or would otherwise like) these characters

    3. It's natural for people to pair others off and wonder 'what if'!

    4. Not really a point *against*, but would you take the same stance to all the other fandoms that like to 'ship characters, with anybody? And any fanfiction ever? (Is it the purity of the original creation, the sexuality issue, or the fact that it's DISNEY!)

    (oh and 5 - I'm not in the US. Piffle to your constitution :D

    and 6... most of them lived in periods where they couldn't have ADMITTED to being gay and would have married a man anyway! Or maybe they were bisexual, or realised later the dream Prince wasn't for them. Facetious, but also plausible. We only see a small part of their 'lives', the bit that makes the best story.)

  3. Woah, I didn't know you'd post a response like that. I never said Lesbianism was wrong, I only said that it was a little tough for me to swallow the idea that characters I had known were straight for a while. I am totally in favor of the rights for gays and lesbians to marry. Meg wants to marry Ariel? Well, I wouldn't go to that wedding (I'm straight myself) but I'd fully support it no matter what state they were in.

  4. Heh, no, but you implied it was wrong between 'certain existing characters'. It's a response I've seen fairly often, and I've been wondering why? (I'm sorry if it felt like an attack, I didn't mean it to - I didn't know you'd actually come back, and it was one of the first opportunities I'd had to make most of those points!)

  5. I've decided to reveal my real name for this part. I'd like to tell you where I stand on Gay and Lesbian rights.

    1. They have a right to marry, no matter what state they live in.

    2. I may be straight myself, but I have to accept that not all people are going to be the same way.

    3. I just think it would be surprising if a Disney Princess came out and said she was a Lesbian. Can you imagine a manly man like say Mr. T (Chuck Norris is overused) said that he was gay. I would certainly drink water just to spit it out in shock. However, I would respect his decision.

    I hope you don't interpret this the wrong way.

  6. Just because they are big strong manly dudes doesnt mean they are straight, and just because a guy may be lanky and have longer hair doesnt mean he is gay. Dont judge a book by its cover, Mr.T would still be Mr.T if he was gay or not, and as a lesbian myself i find it odd that you would go to a lesbians wedding just because ur not gay either, i go to straight peoples weddings all the time...what are you afraid of? its a wedding. two people in love who want u to share their joining with u. support it? then show it.


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