Wednesday, 27 October 2010

An Illyria Sketch-Painting

Illyria is probably my favourite character from Angel, and I wrote an entire page about her and cosplaying her (oh, side note for Squidooer's, I used the Page Break Module there and the second page is ranking well above the first).

So of course, I had to paint her. Started in the evening on my laptop, between Armageddon days, but it was uncomfortable lying on the floor. And then I was bored (I have to paint three or four pictures most days, before I settle into one) and moved onto Drusilla.

Anyway, figured I'd stick the half-finished portrait up, because I can't musn't really can't absolutely not doing any painting or leisure things until after my assignments and exams for the next week are over.

She's nowhere near finished, and I'd like to finish her. The reference I used was the picture below and she was painted in Artrage Studio Pro.

You can find more of my Buffy and Angel fan art here.

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