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This is a quick guide to my Squidoo-related blogposts and helpful lenses that are actually helpful.
SquidU forum posts (now at Yuku because Squidoo has removed the old forum)
A Quick Guide for Newbies: The basics of actually getting paid on Squidoo
Getting Started on Squidoo: Really Common Questions 
The Stupid Questions Project thread
Angel Guidelines, Resources and Advice

Lenses and Articles Elsewhere
(All my Squidoo-help-stuff on one lens here)

Discontinued Stuff

Blog Posts

So you've made a sale! But where's your money? Related: Not So Stupid Squidoo Answers: How Does the Pending Money on Your Dashboard Work?
About the new points system and the monster trophies

How to optimise your pictures for traffic

A few very helpful lenses from GreekGeek for traffic and coding that I blessed during one stint as an Angel

How to find that **&@##  identifier number and add a Facebook fan page.

You can use the Page Break Module to gradually build up the content on a lens until you have enough to make new lenses.

 A comparison of whether it's worth signing up as an Amazon Associate or just using Squidoo's modules, and my initial earnings.

This is just a quick overview of the various commission earning modules available on Squidoo and my experiences of them.

A write-up on what constitutes a 'sales lens' and discussion of the issues around them

A graph and discussion of my earnings to date on Squidoo, and my rate of lens making.

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Squidoo Girl
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