Friday, 14 January 2011

The Toothless Plushie Has Teeth and It Taunts

I love this Night Fury plushie and I waannnntssss it, precious. The film was good, and the animation of Toothless was awesome. And it has wings! And is shiny! And I wanna dragon.

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But looking at it too long leads to brain hurt and misery and bad poetry,

Poetry like this.
Toothless the awesome plushie
How did you get so shiny?
You're a wonderful winged Night Fury,
I want to OWN you, plushie
But the shipping cost is scary, 
Why don't you fly down to me?

Translation: Shipping anything non-flat to New Zealand = AKAHFKJHDKJFHDSJKFHDKJFKAAAAArraaaaarghhh the paaaaaaaaaaaaaaain.

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