Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Four Arty Lesbian Speck Cases on Zazzle

Following on from my previous post on Monstrous Regiment, I noticed that the artist I linked to at the end had a nice iPhone design up in their Zazzle store. So I figured I'd do a quick round-up of girl-on-girl themed speckcases as an excuse to feature it.

There are actually a few good speck cases available, or at least interesting ones. But not that many. I only found four arty enough, nice enough to look at, and generally interesting enough, that I'd want to ever own (according to a critical and terribly picky artist). Yeah, yeah, a gap in the market, so I should get moving and paint something, right. Sadly I have a slight artblock at the moment.

There are plenty of the generic rainbow theme designs of course (some of which are very well done, but really, they're just different combinations of rainbows) ...

...and then there's the few that stand out.

Another Girl's Paradise Speck Case speckcase

Here's the one that started me off Another Girl's Paradise by Kivitasku- it's a cropped version of a picture I've liked before. Very art nouveau in style, it's that rare object; art for the sake of it. Also, I am impressed by the hair on the girls; bouncy golden curls and the long flowing brown hair. It's a nice picture, the composition of design is very well composed, the colours are muted but work well, and the girls are actually doing something other than 'being lesbian icons'

Grimm Fairy Tales: Halloween Special #2 Vampire speckcase

I'm an avid reader of graphic novels, so the comic-book-style Grimm Fairy Tales: Halloween Special #2 Vampire snagged my attention, as did the colours and art quality. The distorted proportions of women (and men, actually) in this style of comic book art usually annoy me a fair bit, but that isn't very obvious in this design, so it made it into a higher spot on my list.

It's lurid, romantic (in the most cliched term, being laden with symbolism and popular culture appeal), and garishly coloured, with the mysterious vampire embracing the heroine and sinking her teeth into the heroine's perfect neck. And of course, both are scantily clad, and posed perfectly for maximum fanservice. This is quite standard for Zenescope Entertainment, though! (think Twisted Disney and so forth - J. Scott Campbell is one of their main artists).
No More Secrets 4G Case speckcase

Kiss iPhone speckcaseNo More Secrets is the next - a nice, simple, somewhat cliched but very effective photographic style speckcase. The black and white works well to set off the alluring red of their lips, and they are pretty enough to make the picture worth looking at. Overall, it's an intimate yet classy little cover. The other photographic speckcase worth mentioning is Kiss by dgdzines, which features a backlit black and white kiss between two girls, but it isn't as good as it could be. The image is unclear, and the lighting too subtle to make up for the vagueness of what is going on.

Woman Missing Woman Silhouette speckcase

Lastly, a very simple design, of a black silhouette of a woman, and her two shadows. It's simple and well done.

Finally, there are a range of clever designs that use captions and icons to get their message across, rather than artwork. Not to my taste, but interesting to browse through, and these are my favourites.

i love girls speckcaseLesbian Warning Label. speckcaseLove iPhone Case speckcaseLesbian Pride iPhone 4 Case speckcase

Captioned/iconic lesbian graphic design

Rainbow Speck Case speckcaseGay Pride Flag speckcaseCure Homophobia iPhone Case speckcase
Generic, if nice, rainbow-LGBTQ themed iPhone cases

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