Saturday, 22 January 2011

Meg Gets Her Own Femslash Page

I've been struggling with the huge number of videos that are currently on the Disney Femslash page for a while now, and the new ones that keep appearing are getting hard to keep up with. I'm pretty sure I found almost all of them that existed at the time, but there are now at least three times the number that were there when I first created it!

I'll keep the original giant page, but I might start winnowing down the videos a bit - I'm not sure yet. It's not impossible to load when you visit it (...yet, since I split it up with pagebreaks and moved all the lesbian books and films onto their own page), but editing it is getting very difficult. So I needed move the content off it into other pages. But how?

Splitting them off by pairing was too messy, and trying to make a 'part one, two, three' would require never-ending juggling or else no actual categorisation. But I think I've figured out a way, and of course, it's blindingly obvious.

Split them up by character.

So I started with Meg, and here it is.
I used my old (and crappy *cringes* ) painting of Meg and Esmeralda for the intro image, and I found an awesome mock-Greek font called Ancient Geek (cause she's Greek).

I like the result - it's a lot easier to load and read through than the main page. There'll be some repetition (on the other half of the pairing) but I think this is the best way to manage it, and I can use the main page as an index.

Edit: And because I'm on a roll, I finished one for Pocahontas too.
DOUBLE EDIT: And because I apparently hate myself and am trying to see how long I can last without sleep, here's Esmeralda's page.

Aaaaand because this blog post is becoming the index blog anyway, here's all of them so far:

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