Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Cat Likes Crisps

Have a random silly cat-owner post. It'll be short, so don't worry.

This evening I come back from work with a couple of bags of shopping, which I put on the kitchen floor while I get the cat some dinner. I turn my back, for a mere moment, and when I look around she's half into the bag of crisps I bought, fishing out her next one.

Naturally I snatch it away and scold her, then retreat with it to the sitting room, while my dinner cooks. The cat follows, and curls happily on the couch while I put together a jigsaw puzzle. And then she sees - the bag of crisps! Unattended! Only a mere 'giant leap to the table and dive headfirst into the bag' away!

So she does that.

So I separate them again, and she stands in front of me looking excited, so I am a sucker and give her a crisp, in her box. She chases it around a bit, then picks it up, brings it back to the middle of my puzzle, and eats it messily.

I persuade her to move.

I start doing the puzzle again. Unfortunately, she is now convinced that I am in fact, putting down little crisps for her, so she leaps after every piece I put down. This makes it difficult to do the puzzle, so I lure her away with another crisp. This one is too rounded for her to bite, so she bats it around a bit, licks it, then comes back and flops in the middle of my puzzle.

I didn't have my camera handy to document her evilness, so have her sitting on a previously finished puzzle.

I keep trying to work around her - but alas! I have crisp fragments on my fingers! She leaps with glee upon a piece of puzzle and starts licking it! I cry out and try to snatch it back, she pulls away and tries to eat it.

I rescue the piece, and give up, as she sprawls over the entire area in front of me. My dinner is cooked, anyway.

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