Wednesday, 5 January 2011

How To Persuade Your Mother To Write For Squidoo

If your mother is perhaps a little bored, out of work - or not in enough work, or wanting to learn about the weird world of technology, then perhaps she'll enjoy Squidoo. But how to persuade her onto there? Squidoo may want her content, but it can still be daunting, and it's very slow to get started with.

1. Sign up yourself and start earning money. This also allows you to be in a good position to explain the site to her. It also allows you to avoid having to set up new Paypal/email/lensmaster accounts as they can just use yours until they are sure they want to DO this thing.

2. Figure out what she's currently really interested in and would like to show off. In my mother's case - her travel photos. I already knew she could write, so that helped! (I think she's smarter than I am :D )

3. Make the first lens or two for her - raise the stakes each time. So for the first one, do most of the work, but using her writing and/or photos, so it is hers. For the second or third, start it on a topic that interests them, then leave them to finish it.

4. Sit back and let them wander off again, unless they get really into it straight away. Squidoo won't pay them anything for a few months anyway, unless they are really lucky/amazing at writing for the web straight off the bat.
4b. Downplay their expectations as much as possible - Squidoo and Zazzle really don't pay much intiially, especially if you are a reluctant dabbler.
4c. And when their first lens shoots into the first tier and their Zazzle store makes more sales for Christmas than yours, be suitably impressed!

5. As soon as matters seem to be going smoothly, if they're still interested, get her to set up a Paypal, spare email account, Zazzle and anything else she may need or be interested in.

6. Introduce the concept of usernames. Gently. Be prepared to change it several times once they realise that they can call themselves anything and start brainstorming.

7. Give them something useful and related for Christmas that they will enjoy. For example, a book on Gaudi and the Lonely Planet guide to Travel Writing. Sit back and laugh evilly as your sister decides that the latter book must be for her, attempts to persuade your mother of this, fails, and only increases your mother's determination to Use It To Be Famous.

8. Sit back and wait for them to settle on their final-but-one username.

9. A year later, move on to your next victim.

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