Monday, 17 January 2011

Sketchblog: Narwhals Are AWESOME

I'm procrastinating on an assignment (about searching, actually - information access stuff) and spent a significant amount of time wandering through Zazzle and selecting Narwhal T-shirts, and carefully mucking around with all the links and code, adding them to one of GreekGeek's templates.

My wrists hurt :D

Anyway, I finally finished, manned up and wrote the introduction, and then went 'doh! Intro image!". I hate using other people's images for the introduction - it's hard to credit, and I have this picture that Is Not Mine staring me in the face all the time. Plus, I've just finished a page about this whole topic so I'm really inspired by it right now. I do this all the time - I can point to at least half a dozen pictures that I mainly drew so that I had something to use on Squidoo, and today's sketch is no exception!

I already complained about not being able to draw digitally this evening - I miss my ArtRage - but all I really needed was a simple sketch, so I whipped out a graphite pencil, found a drawing pad, opened up Google Images and searched 'narwhal' - and voila! Instant Narwhal Picture. I had to muck around in Photoshop a little, cause the lighting where I photographed it is so bad, and because I wrote on it, but I like the result. I'd like it more if I hadn't had to use a nasty mouse to edit, of course...

pencil narwhal sketch

Anyway, one caption and some editing later, and my new lens is complete!
pencil narwhal tee shirt intro image

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