Monday, 31 January 2011

Amazon Associate End of the Month Fingernail Gnawing

I am so glad that Amazon also operates on Pacific time for the month's endings. I currently have 30 items shipped. 33 is the next tier. 32 orders. Please please please will something ship today? PLEASE DAMMIT. (It may only be $6 but it's the Winning of the Thing that matters).

I don't want to wait up until half one to find out. But I must know. And then I can write the follow-up to my early January post.

1st Feb Edit: Aaaargh. No new sales. But I forgot that Amazon is a day behind, so I'll have to wait until the NEXT day for the last day's report.

And I wish they had an easier way to find unshipped orders. I had to compare earnings and orders until I found the date at which they stopped matching and narrow it down. Turns out that it's two copies of Tangled - which is not surprising, as it's only just come out, so I can't expect them to miraculously ship soon, and I also hadn't realised I'd sold any of. So, cool.

Oh, also? Pinch punch, first of the month, no returns!

*runs away cackling*

2rd Feb Edit: AAAARGH. It taunts me, it does, my precious... I didn't make it. I had 32 shipped orders and was only one short for the month of January. All I needed was more... order. Worse? My clicks on the last day of January were 32 in number. THE TAUNTING. WHEN WILL IT STOP?

It was most annoying - my referrals sales almost entirely disappeared in the last week of January, completely ruining my steady increase.

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