Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Cat and Mouse and Tui T-Shirts

I was talking to my mother about Zazzle recently and explaining that things don't always sell the way you expect, - for example, the t-shirt my dad and brother both liked so much that I had to buy them each one had never sold anything.

At which point I realised I'd never put it on a t-shirt on Zazzle, only RedBubble for my own buying needs (I am not paying to ship from the US, thank you). I had it on a few other designs - mousepads (ha!), greeting cards and stuff, but not a t-shirt.

So here we are - the little cat, playing with her mouse, that was the second design I ever did in ArtRage 3. I didn't take it seriously until my family started requesting it.

Cat & Mouse shirtGreen Cat & Mouse shirt
Green Cat & Mouse Cat & Mouse

The brighter green one is slightly nicer, I think, but works less well on different backgrounds, while the paler one looks really nice on light grey and works on various colours a bit better (picky artist!).

Cause Zazzle is customizable, things like size and alignment should be easy to change - that's a real pain actually with RedBubble, because if the cat is too small or in the wrong place, I have to redesign and reupload the entire file. Changing designs on Zazzle is easy.

I know the quality's good because it's the same image, and the same type of t-shirt (American Apparel) that both my dad and my brother were wearing last week (Teh brother had a sweatshirt and dad got a t-shirt, both in pale greys).

Funnily, I'd categorised both this design and the Tui one as 'girly' - but both get the most interest from guys (at Armageddon for the latter, the majority of people who asked after it was male. Might be the oriental look appealing to the number of anime fans, though!) ...seriously? I didn't make the Tui one a t-shirt on Zazzle either? I guess that shows where my priorities are! *promptly goes to rectify situation*

Oh that's right - I had a problem with the metallics turning out transparent when printed. Right. I know I fixed that, because I ordered some Tui t-shirts too. AHA, found the file. Right, one t-shirt coming up...

NOOOOO. IT BROKED THE INTERNET. I dare not save this post now! Stupid giant print quality art files.

*one restarted computer and forty minutes later*

I will say it's nice to actually know for certain sure how something turns out - my keychains still haven't arrived, sadly (%&*#&$* NZ post, I suspect).

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