Saturday, 1 January 2011

Some Dermographism Pictures

I got caught without my antihistamines this New Years, so I took the chance to take some photos of my dermographism welts and add them to my lens (...amazingly, I had never managed to take my own photos for that page!).

Oddly, my welts are lasting a really long time - an entire hour,, even. Actually, I've got some slightly faded ones down my arm where I leant on sharp edges (plugging my ethernet cable in!) that have lasted over two hours. It's mostly the welts inside my forearm, the rest seem to still be fading within 10-30 minutes. Anyway, I think I've got enough photos - it is really hard  to both draw on yourself when you can't see any of the lines yet, and then hold the camera. I almost have to hold my camera right handed (and focus and zoom as well!) and so have nearly everything on my left arm, which then ran out of space, and because everything's lasting so long, I can't create new versions.

Another irritant discovered with dermographism - crisps, popcorn and anything remotely sharp or crunchy. My poor mother! On the plus side - my sister bought me a truly awesome steampunk watch for Christmas that is both tiny and hangs on a chain, so I can wear it without fear (except of strangulation).

Anyway, boring. So I did pictures (I wanted to do interesting things but the lack of canvas space meant I couldn't try again... so have a bog-standard, easy heart symbol, and some other stuff. I did a skull and crossbones earlier that I'd have liked to repeat).

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