Saturday, 29 January 2011

AMAZING OOAK Mother Gothel Doll!

I'm stunned. And delighted. And very, very impressed. I was just contacted by the creator of this amazing Mother Gothel doll, And they used my costume lensAnd I get to put the pretty picture up on my lens! I can't decide which makes me happier ^_^

They customized an existing tonner doll of Bellatrix LeStrange to get this OOAK - 'one of a kind' - marvel. So far, there's only a Rapunzel doll being released officially, so this may be the only one of its kind (apart from other people's OOAKs, of course!) And considering the starting price of the tonner doll is currently $185... this darling is going to be very expensive. Pity. I want her!

From Flutterwing Creations

And I can say that not only do I want her (and I assure you, I am very picky - especially when it comes to anything art-related... I have to watch myself at conventions, because I've got a tendency to over-criticise!), but she's almost perfect.

And this meant that I had to create yet another Mother Gothel lens. Yes. Another one. (Wait - I haven't actually mentioned on here yet, have I? Well, I made one about her song, "Mother Knows Best", earlier today as well. But they let me siphon off a bit more content from the long and busy main Mother Gothel page). And this latest one is, of course, about Mother Gothel Dolls (there's one tiny official one, the amazing OOAK one, a free paper doll, and a Madame Alexander).

Drat. I better actually add a Mother Gothel tag to the blog now!

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  1. What a great job!!!!!!!!!
    hugs from Spain!


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