Monday, 17 January 2011

I Really Wanted To Finish This Painting

....but as I can't find my tablet pen, I can't. This is frustrating me. I've actually started wandering into Dick Smiths and picking up the Bamboo tablet box and pretending to read it.

This is what I was working on over Christmas. I found an awesome photograph to use as a reference for the girl's pose and decided to not lose her curves and give her a nicely skin-tight outfit. And swords which I'm dying to actually finish  (currently just slashes to indicate where I wanted them to be).

She was originally a dragon hunter, facing a dragon, but the dragon was boring and I really liked the smoke I added, so I went to town with that instead, and tripled the size of the canvas (which I always seem to end up doing!). So now she's facing a triple-headed smoke goddess, with a lot of hair, who really REALLY need finished faces. I think she's just invoking them, actually, before going off to sexily assassinate something.

*stares at the overall grayness'
And now I suddenly want to paint something with LOTS of COLOUR.

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