Friday, 11 February 2011

Sketchblog: Discworld Sketches

Another sketchdump, to be updated when I can reach a scanner. All drawn while lying around with bronchitis.

Possibly the first dog I've ever drawn. He's meant to be a mangy, flea-ridden 'sort of terrier'

Alright, this isn't Discworld ;D This is Toothless, the Night Fury dragon from How to Train Your Dragon 
(I was coveting the plushie before). This is probably going to my dad, if he wants it, because he really loved the film.
Charcoal - the eyes are Photoshop, cause I didn't have anything other than pencils or charcoal with me. Sadly, when I sprayed fixative, the force of the aerosol blew off a lot of the charcoal, so the actual version doesn't look right anymore. So I'll have to recolour it.

AAAARRRGH. This is why I hate traditional. YOU RUN OUT OF PAPER. I ended up getting very inspired and tearing pages out of my sketchbook. And having to go look up lots of pictures of startled horses, and horse ears and eyes and teeth.

This is Granny Weatherwax in Lords and Ladies. The scenes where here silver hair snakes down to her waist, when she undoes her bun, has always stuck with me, and I was in a Discworld mood.
I wanted to try capturing the stillness of Esme, and the frail strand of silver hair, with the thrashing, screaming unicorn.

And there are bees.

It'll all be black and silver, of course ^_^
BAH. Need to scan nicely. And finish painting in ArtRage.

A random attempt at drawing a Discworld troll

Random elf girl. The pose is actually from an anime figure (upskirt, school girl pose), while hanging around in the GNC waiting for a friend.
My drawing is much more realistic, though ;P

Random practice sketching

Random sketch of an acrobat girl, hanging upside down

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  1. I like the movie with Toothless very much!How to train your dragon is a great movie. Saw it with my nephew. I love animation! Did not enjoy GRU very much...


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