Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Esmeralda x Belle: Canon Disney Femslash

I wandered into Snopes today, and discovered something very interesting. It turns out that as a little joke, the animators of The Hunchback of Notre Dame decided that there was no reason Belle couldn't visit Paris and have a cameo wandering across the screen reading (apart from the different time periods, but pfft to that. True love laughs in the face of mere physics and temporal reality!)

That's right - Belle, from Beauty and the Beast actually appears - twice - during the The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Once, as a distant figure, book in hand, during "Out There", and once in the crowd during "Topsy Turvy" (when Quasimodo gets crowned King of Fools). Yes, she was literally right there in the crowd, when Esmeralda was dancing on stage.

You want evidence? Sure thing. I hunted down a video and took some screenshots (a YouTube video, hence the quality. I'll find something better when I can...)

Let the Belle and Esmeralda femslash commence. Go on. Make me proud.

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