Thursday, 3 February 2011

How To Draw Mother Gothel

Working on this... Need to draw various steps! Obviously a lot of this is repeated from Cosplaying Mother Gothel, but the important bits for drawing are slightly different.

1. Sexy, curvy female, so include waist, hips, bust.
2. Taller than Rapunzel
3. Wide face (cartoon version), wide and prominent cheekbones
4. Eyes are pale blue, but the pupils are often very large and dark
5. Hair - curly black cloud, goes out to wider than shoulders and ends just below shoulderblades. Blue-black.
6. Fringe - about three short curly strands, just reaching eyebrows
7. Eyebrows - thin, elegant, black, curved
8. Make up - bronze eyeshadow (gold on lid, darker brown along eye socket); pink cheeks, fair skin, medium-dark pink lips
9. Hands - long, elegant, dark red nail polish and long nails
10. Earrings - inverted long gold pyramids
11. Dress - crimson, strong bright reddish colour, with brocade patterning - shiny, so probably silk
12. Dress sleeves - drapey, end just after elbows. Gold lining visible.
13. Neckline - square, scooped, cleavage showing
14. Gold embroidery - pipeline on sleeves, S loop pattern around neckline
15. Belt around waist and long strip hanging down almost to hem - through gold circle, same red as dress but no brocade, smaller version of neckline embroidery
16. Shoes not visible, or else pointy dark brown toes of shoes peeping out.
17. Big swooping black cloak - has a hood, gold link at throat and gold edging on front and around neck.

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