Thursday, 3 February 2011

Artwork Lenses

My art and Zazzle poster lenses.

featured lensFlynn the Cat's Art: where to find me

My Art and Art Lenses ♦ My Top Twenty Lenses ♦ My (non-Art) Lenses by Topic ♦ My Newest Lenses ♦ My Activity Elsewhere ♦ The Guestbook♦ Welcome to my Profile lens. This page lists all my art sites, blogs and sho...

featured lensMy Squidoo Gallery: An overview of my paintings & art lenses
This lens attempts to pull together my various art lenses, by giving you a thumbnail overview of the contents of each art-based lens (dragons, mermaids, cats, and whatever else I make in future...). I've also added a few other bits and pieces, that I...

featured lensGuestbook Artwork
featured lens

featured lens

Fantasy Mermaid Posters From Zazzle

Mermaids have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years since the first goddess walked into a lake and turned into a fish with legs and a human head. From the sirens who haunted early sailors, to Hans Christian Andersen's soulless and ethereal A...

featured lens

Beautiful Elf Posters From Zazzle

Elves are one of the staples of fantasy - I must admit I prefer the old and tricksy, illusory and beautiful elves of Celtic myth and Tolkien-ish legend, but you'll find elfin dryads and faerie elves here as well. From drow to mystical high elf, to a...

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