Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sketchblog: Pencil and Charcoal Dump

A sketchdump of the last couple of day's worth of drawings. I've mostly been pulling out random DVDs and drawing someone off the back. And I've been cleaning them up and redrawing so that they are very neat - it's amazing the improvement it makes (about half an hour for most of them, each of them is in an A5 sketchbook). Most of the fine detail/boring reworking is done on the train, which means I keep nearly missing stops

Scanned and uploaded to DeviantART! (mostly)
They're all photos, hence the annoying quality - I'll try and find time at work to scan them tomorrow, but that's dependent on, well, my work! And yeah, a couple are more finished versions of previous sketches :D

My favourite! Certainly the most intricate/difficult. Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth, from the back cover of the second film, Elizabeth: The Golden Age (AMAZING pair of films, by the way.)

Catherine Zeta-Jones, as Velma, off the cover of Chicago
Chicago (Widescreen Edition)

Narwhals. They are so awesome.  I have narwhals on the brain because of the Narwhal T-shirts page.

As You Wish by ~Flynn-the-cat on deviantART
Robin Penn-Wright, off the cover of The Princess Bride
The Princess Bride (Special Edition)

Mother Gothel, singing, during the Reprise of "Mother Knows Best" from a YouTube screenshot of Tangled

Nathan Fillion, as Captain Mal Reynolds, off the Serenity DVD (Region 2 version)
River in charcoal. Mucked this one up, which was partly because fine lines and charcoal are a very delicate combination and I ruined it. DID relearn a good trick for the hair, though (draw all the lines, then smudge - ends up fully coloured, with line texture and depth!)

Referenced from a drawing that was referenced off the cover of Serenity (same image as Mal above)
Serenity Movie (Firefly Group) Poster Print - 24x36

Advanced Mechanics, continued. Playing with portals! I'm thinking tarot card?

Random girl and cogs mechanism drawn on the train. I think she might be some kind of Zodiac persona. Need to clean this one up - really want to colour the hair bright gold, as it winds all through the machinery.

This one and River above are the only ones not on DeviantART. River is a fail, and this one is uncleansed of scribbleness!

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  1. I like these sketches, and I am very glad to have found your blog and your gallery on deviantart!


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