Friday, 11 February 2011


I hereby take back any and all bad thoughts or ill-wishings directed at Zazzle. My keychains have arrived at last.

I ordered them before Christmas and ... well, they didn't turn up. End of January, I got rather worried about this and doublechecked my order, to find that I'd somehow left the suburb out. (I did have the road, and the postcode, which are actually specific enough to locate my suburb easily, but NZ Post is not that capable).

I *headdesk* a bit, then send a note to Zazzle saying basically, that I screwed up the order, is there anyway to find out if it was returned?

They sent me a new order. By signed courier/airmail/something expensive. To New Zealand.
I got it the next week (actually, I didn't, cause I had to play tag with the courier for a few days, but it actually did reach my house the next week. Three times!)

And they are shiny. And about twice as big as I expected!

The colours are very good, the back is just a shiny silver disc, which is a little weird, they're quite thin (and light), and the chain itself can be removed with a bit of fiddling (it slots into the actual disc part). And they are very much worth the (admittedly, discounted for Christmas) price I paid (N.B. I still maintain that the overseas domains are a rip-off, but ordering from the main US site is reasonable. And they're so shiny!).

I got my cat to model them, for size.


  1. Hi! Arrived here by pure chance as I googled Zazzle and blogs. A friend ordered to Portugal and things arrived on time. But the price was high. Are you sure that prices ar OK for US buyers? I have a store and many times I wonder if the prices are, as you say,reasonable...You have a nice cat!

  2. They're a little pricey, generally, but better if you wait for one of the many coupon discount offers ;D And cheaper for overseas to order from the US site, too.

  3. HI,
    i am curious if the prints on the keychain a little washed out compared to the original pictures uploaded for the keychain because on the website the colors of Keychains are quite dull.


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