Wednesday, 9 February 2011

An Invisible Sale

Hahaha. I am both amused and delighted right now, because someone finally bought something from my Invisible Cupcake Decorating lens. And even better - they actually bought something that I actually recommended!

I'm very fond of that lens - not only was it very entertaining to write, but it actually made me a fair bit of money - pretty awesome for a lens that only gets incidental search traffic (NO one looks for invisible cupcakes, for some reason, they just can't be found...). So to actually make a sale off it, months after it dropped out of the top tiers, is a great delight. I did actually find a photo (on right) to add last week, from a cupcake tea party I walked in on my sister having with her friends, ages ago, when I had my camera in hand. So maybe the update helped.

I'm especially pleased, because I remember writing that lens and thinking 'what can I put here...? I know! I'll write about displaying the cupcakes! I'll add a cupcake stand!' and then spending far too much time picking the right one (the Wilton Tall Tier Cupcake Tower/Stand Set) and writing a little blurb about presenting the cupcakes. And then someone actually searches for 'invisible cupcake stand' and buys it.

So let that be a lesson. Everyone should write a lens that is completely non-serious. And even the oddest subjects can end up attracting a buyer.

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