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My Pratchett Lenses

A round-up of all my Discworld and Terry Pratchett Squidoo lenses and reviews.

New To Pratchett?
And wondering where to start...? My Discworld Guides

featured lensThe Discworld Series and Other Books By Terry Pratchett

This page is an attempt to create a starting point for people interested in Terry Pratchett and his Discworld series and a compendium of the available material and reviews here on Squidoo. There's a terribly shocking lack of reviews here, so I ...

featured lensNever Start With The First Discworld Book
Terry Pratchett is a wonderful, clever author, with devoted fans the world over, but at thirty seven books (not counting the Young Adult novels) it can be a daunting series for new readers to jump into. Add to that the diverse array of story threads...

PratchettTerry Pratchett's Short Stories

Best known for his Discworld novels, Pratchett has also written several short stories. Most are Discworld themed, but a few aren't. Originally published in...

Upcoming books: 2011 and 2012

featured lensSnuff: The Next Vimes BookSnuff is the working (and looks to be the final) title of the next Discworld book from Terry Pratchett. Already well into the process of being written, it will be published on the 13th October, 2011 (in the UK). I was delighted to...

featured lensThe Long Earth - An Upcoming Pratchett Series

The Long Earth is a science fiction series from Terry Pratchett. It was abandoned unfinished back in 1986, when the Discworld series took off. There were two short stories and one longer, unfinished novel, and the series will be published as two book...

Characters and Related Discworld Topics

featured lensThe Best Discworld-Related Gifts

Terry Pratchett is a unique, clever and marvellous author, who has created an addictively interesting universe, through which swims great A'Tuin, the turtle who carries the Discworld. If you love Pratchett, or have a fan in the family, then you'll k...

featured lensSam Vimes

Sam Vimes is one of the main characters of the Discworld. A cynical, overly sober ex-drunk, who used to lie in the ample gutters of Ankh-Morpork with the rest of the Night Watch and is now Duke of the city and Commander of the entire, vastly improved...
featured lensLeshp - City of the Curious Squid
Leshp is the island that kicks off the hostilities in Terry Pratchett's book Jingo. Jingo is one of my favourite discworld novels, and the island of Leshp - like much of Pterry's writing - has a very interesting backstory. Bets are off as to whether...

featured lensWear the Lilac

Wear the Lilac Day has been adopted by Discworld fans the world over as a day to commemorate Terry Pratchett's writing - and with his diagnosis in 2007, to support research into Alzheimer's Disease. On May 25th, certain members of the Ankh-Morpork C...

featured lensAliss "Black Aliss" Demurrage

Black Aliss was the witch of fairytale, legend and rumour that every Ramtops witch longed to be and feared becoming. One of the most powerful witches in living memory (with the exception of Esme Weatherwax) sadly she lost track of reality and went a...

featured lensEsme Weatherwax

Granny Weatherwax is one of my favourite characters (like many people) from Terry Pratchett's Discworld Series. A stern, no-nonsense witch from the tiny little kingdom of Lancre, her grasp of Headology is un-paralleled. In the local Witch Trials, it...

Reviews of Specific Books

featured lensUnseen Academicals

Unseen Academicals is the latest book from the wonderfully clever Terry Pratchett. I'm not at all sorry to say that this isn't a Rincewind or a Vimes or a De Worde book, although they all feature in it. Not at all sorry - because Unseen Acade...

featured lensThe Carpet People

The Carpet People is the story of Snibril, the Dumii empire, the terrible mouls, the Munrung tribe, and above all - the fearful, unstoppable Fray. It is the tale of the mystical Wights, mining varnish from Achairleg; Pismire the philospher; the myste...

featured lensThe Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett

The Unadulterated Cat is Terry Pratchett's take on living with those terrifying little bundles of fur known as Real Cats. The Campaign For Real Cats aims to celebrate the low number of Real Cats that lurk among their Unreal fellows. A short, hig...

Blog Reviews:

Femslash and DADT in the Discworld: Monstrous Regiment
A femslashy Discworld book about war, gender and religion, and the power of socks.

Reviewing Tiffany's Witch Debut: I Shall Wear Midnight
The fourth in the young adult series following the young witch Tiffany Aching as she tramps in her giant boots from her shepherd roots on the Chalk, up to Lancre and back, attracting unfortunate allies with minds of their own, and the flattering and even more unfortunate attentions of Winter itself and Granny Weatherwax,I Shall Wear Midnight came out in September 2010

Return To Sender: Going Postal Videos
A round-up of the available music videos and trailers from the film of Going Postal

Terry Pratchett Recommended Reading: Nation

The first non-Discworld Novel in many, many years*.

Nation was very recently released, and I have to put it here. Nation is NOT a Discworld book, it's sadder and more serious and more sensible and far more openly philosophical. Nation is the perfect introduction to Pratchett, and while it catches a Discworld veteran off-guard with it's lack of black humour and slower, soberer pace, it makes up for it in depth. And the few moments of crazed Pratchett wickedness stand out even more strongly.

Author Reviews: Terry Pratchett
Terry Pratchett, writer extraordinaire, creator of the Discworld.
One of the most well known and prolific authors around, this British writer is best known for his (30 books plus) Discworld series (well... sort of series. There's a kind of 'do it yourself' order).

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