Monday, 23 August 2010

Return to Sender: Going Postal Videos

I'm dying down here in New Zealand - the latest Discworld film, Going Postal, seems to have gone straight to DVD (or something) and I can't get at it!

EDIT: STILL only available as a UK Import

So instead I'm watching excerpts and trailers online... the music video is awesome. The actors look like they embody the characters almost perfectly (... with the exception of the Angua-as-werewolf bit. Someone just wanted to have a wolf onscreen)

"he's a bit... 'return to sender' if you know what I mean"

SPOILERS: Short bits from the film

In which Terry Pratchett has a cameo:

In which Albert Spangler attempts to make a joke without warning Lord Vetinari

Scary moral parole officer golem is scary.

In which Adora Belle Dearheart stops a runaway horse.

The 'sacrificial sausages' discussion

In which Terry Pratchett talks about the film, and the Victorian Postal System

I waaaaaant. But I'm not sure I'm quite desperate enough to pay US$50 to ship to NZ (that's twice the normal cost of a DVD here... hmmm. Time for UK relatives to step in, perhaps?)

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