Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Liiga: Another Clever And Astonishing Fantasy Artist

Liiga creates clever, graceful paintings that trick the eye as you overlook the obvious, while other works are simply balanced and enchanting.

This Dryad poster for example... where's the dryad? She's incredibly, cheekily, obvious when you spot her, but until you do it's just a lovely landscape of tree branches poking randomly across the view of the island.
Dryad print
Dryad by Liiga
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I love the green of this. It feels both ethereal and science-y. It's also very definitely a Picture With A Story.
Angel Painting print

This one's a dramatic angel, with great white sweeping wings, poised and posed on a mountain crag. Her face and hairstyle seems Egyptian in profile. I like the soft, cold grey themes and the silken folds of the dress. And the wings, of course!

Almost every fantasy artist needs a dragon or two in their gallery of course, and Liiga is no exception - why, there's two right here! Two Worlds - two very different dragons, one traditionally bat-winged and golden, the other feathered and glowing blue-white. This reminds me of the heraldic Lion and the Unicorn image!

The lion and the unicorn Were fighting for the crown The lion beat the unicorn All around the town

She also has several colourful, elemental looking dragons... (Air Drake, Earth Drake, Fire and Water). The golden Earth Drake on the flowers is my favourite. The wingless fire drake is a bit odd and overly serpentine to me - I think it's the legs and arms on a snakey body - but I do love the colours.

Air Drake printEarth Drake printFire Drake print

Some of her DeviantART work is even more amazing - clearly her old Zazzle account is slightly abandoned!

Drama Llama liiga fantasy black dramatic fantasy blue blood deviantart mascot

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