Sunday, 19 September 2010

Catty Blessings and the FURminator

Cat-related Squidoo lenses that I've blessed in my September flight as a Squidoo Angel.


This list of FatBat's Demands, from Kylyssa is a perfect example of the idiosyncratic, rightfully Centrex-of-the-world cat and fun to read.

Egyptian Mau - Cats of the World by Vladi (a lensmaster slightly more catty than me!) is a lovely lens about the very lovely Egyptian Mau. My mother has one of these - she's undersized and very nervous and very friendly. We adopted her from the SPCA and spent months arguing over whether she's a Silver Spotted Tabby or an Egyptian Mau - turns out they're often the same thing. It seems to depend which side of the ocean you're standing on - different cat breeds and histories...

[Subtly segues into talking about 'OUR' cat!]
There's two versions: the original Egyptian one and the ones that are actually/probably Silver Spotted Tabbies in the UK (varies hugely by cat book, breediing club, country.... ). One version bred from Siamese cats to mimic the old Egyptian cats - and you can tell from their affection (*coughneedinesscough*), build, piercing yowl, the fact that they often wag their tail when happy and come when you whistle. (It's the high pitch - Megan goes crazy for bad singing!)

Also typical - very wary of loud noises and strange people. She's a very jittery cat!

Vladi is also responsible for The Cats of Rome which talks about the many strays in Rome, along with a lot of photographs.

Top 10 Cat Toys - Voted by Cats is a very helpful and accurate lens! GroovyFinds mixes freebies with recommendations for shop-bought toys - and this is where (I think) I originally read about the FURminator. (And I can confirm that my cat also comes running for it). The only things missing are my cat's favourites - passing feet and toilet rolls!

And this :D

Oh, and some self-promotion: my cat got to show off (which she did, happily) for a video, which I then built a lens around, about the FURminator brush/comb. Which is awesome. I just got another handful (full handful, unless squashed, as it's very soft and fluffy) of fur off her, so I was reminded to post this...


  1. I thank you for the kind words but I must insist that silver spotted tabbies are not Mau cats. Not at all.

  2. I should have clarified - in the UK, Silver Sootted tabbies (a different cat) are often called Eqyptian Mau. (Much complicated by different breeds being recognised in different countries) Most of my research was from library books, but I found a couple of references online

    The silver Mau is genetically a black silver spotted tabby

    The spotted tabby Oriental Shorthair, developed in Britain, is often mistaken for the Egyptian Mau.

    And this one shows how similiar they can be:


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