Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Breaking News: Three Kittens Created From Cat Fur

....well, no. Not really. But only because I didn't have the patience to create them. Summer arrived over the weekend here in New Zealand and my cat took that as a sign to shed her entire undercoat in a day. I come innocently home from visiting my parents over the weekend, pick up the cat brush (the really awesome FURminator) to bond and get rid of any stray loose fur. Sweep it through, watch in surprise at the large clumps of puffing fur at the end of the first stroke...

And an entire kitten emerges.

cat fur carpet furminator shedding undercoat soft

I swear, I got three kittens worth of fur out of her. I made balls out of them, and even squashed down, they each filled my hand. I threw the first one away (after showing it off), took pictures of the second lot (she was a very obliging model), then discovered still more later. Then the cat got grumpy :D
moss old cat senior brush groom fur pile furminator

Now I have to decide. What shall I do with all this fur? I could make a kitten, but they tend to be a nuisance. I could make fake beards and wigs to sell. But a lot of people are allergic to cat fur (and I don't know how to make a fake beard). On the other hand, it's the skin and dander that people are actually allergic too - maybe I can microwave it, rub my face in it and see if it makes me sneeze.

I could stuff a pillow, or sell it to birds to make their nests. Or line my increasingly holey shoes!


  1. That's... actually possible. Expect a mysterious box to arrive in the transit box for you :D


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