Sunday, 19 September 2010

On Losing An Eyeball, Women's Suffrage and Other Links

Here's a quick lists of dos and don'ts for when you lose an eye, tooth, or finger. Or an eyetooth.

Plus a bit of promotion for an Auckland friend who's trying to take over local politics from the inside. Specifically, he's running for the 'Albert-Eden-Roskill Maungawhau subdivision Local Board election'
He's a good guy; educated, very into the environment (and lives it), more transport, that sort of thing. A bit idealistic (my disagreements with his Grand Plots usually centre around "yeah, but people are idiots and won't let you") and despite his education has still been attacked by the dread Alot. Once. And I don't think I'll tell him where *cackles*

And he seriously lucked out on his last name - I mean, imagine the puns and slogans! Goode Enough, Goode For Auckland, Goode for You, The Goode Guy, ... they just weren't Goode enough *zing* His blog covers general Auckland issues and analyses the actual campaign (which is a relief - now I don't have to do it!)
...also, he made me find an excuse to buy a Lego cannon today.

(and going to find his links, I found he'd posted about Women's Suffrage Day - today in 1893 women got the right to vote in New Zealand, so I better do it too!)

And weirdly, my unicorn painting from a couple of posts back is ranking quite highly in Google images for "unicorn shark". I have no idea why!

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