Thursday, 28 October 2010

Vulcans are Space Elves

The first day of Armageddon, ThePlanPony cosplayed as Spock and I came to two conclusions. Firstly, that I must hunt down and watch Star Trek and secondly that Spock is rather elvish. Pale and pointy-eared and plays the half-human role, between humans and Vulcans, who are telepathic ('magical/other ability'), honourable, generally rigid in culture due to superiority/long-livedness. Which means Vulcans are basically elves. In space. Spock is in fact a Space Elf

I will allow you a moment to absorb the awesome.

And now I present the evidence. Look at the space elf picture.

vulcan Space Elf by =Flynn-the-cat

Now look at the picture of Spock. Now back to the pointy elf ears. Now look at the pointy Spock ears. Now back to the space elf picture. Sadly, it isn't Spock. But she does have boobs and is on a spaceship, so that's even better. Also I got to abuse the Old Spice meme and you now look like a bobblehead.

Star Trek Version A (Spock) Special Edition Movie Poster Single Sided Original 27x40

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