Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Best Reviewer : A Bucket List Article Backlink Site

SheToldMe is the only place I've ever earnt any AdSense money - about $1.20! (not that I use it much). It's a good site to get extra linkage, and often the STM link will appear in Google when my actual link doesn't.The internal search is pretty screwed, though. SheToldMe gives you certain ads on the page, and you just hope those are the ones people click on. I still use it, it's a pretty solid site, and very tightly focused.

Anyway, the same guy who created SheToldMe has also created the very new Best Reviewer which gives you 100% of adsense earnings from one ad. I also like the concept of it - rather than just a blurb and a link, you write a 'Best Of..." list and fill in with links. So niche writers should do well here!

...It is very new, I must stress this, and I stress this for two reasons. Firstly, it's untested, although based on SheToldMe, it is both safe and fairly solid, although not necessarily a huge earner. Secondly, the Top 100 list only has about fifty articles written!

Best Review - Top 20 Terry Pratchett Articles

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