Friday, 29 October 2010

I Sold A Mermaid! (edit: and some other stuff O_o )

 Edit the next morning: (I stayed up all night on the stats assignment D: )
WHAT. I do not understand the internet. Overnight, I made two more sales - to completely different people.

Firstly, someone ordered a couple of the Tui postcards 

Tui Feeding on Cherry Blossoms postcard
Tui Feeding on Cherry Blossoms by Flynn_the_Cat
postcard printing by

...and then I sell ten of these Christmas cards?
Red Lady - Seasons Greetings Card card
Red Lady - Seasons Greetings Card by Flynn_the_Cat
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Also, I amused myself by making another Christmas card. Heh heh.
Santa Claws card...but he'd love to meet your kids! Wishing you a very quiet Christmas morning :D *mentally dedicated to long-suffering parents*

Santa Claws by Flynn_the_Cat

 original post below

I just sold one of these posters - and a pretty big one - to someone awesome! This is worthy of posting about, because I was thinking I was only going to get one sale in October, and then another one scoots in at the last minute and I get to update the Zazzle earnings lens. Instead of doing actual statistics.

Dance of the Sea (COLOSSAL) print
Dance of the Sea (COLOSSAL)
Learn how to sell artwork online at zazzle

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