Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Payday! And Recent Squidoo Trends

Both Squidoo and Zazzle paid me today! Zazzle sent me $37 and Squidoo earnt me $143 (with some going to charity). I'll have to update the Zazzle Earnings lens :D

It is also officially my two year anniversary on Squidoo. I even got a trophy and 500 points ^_^

Really looking forward to next month, as I've written a whole bunch more lenses and they're doing better, too. (Three in Tier one versus two, $15 pending in Amazon sales, versus $6, plus the huge list of mystery ebay auctions I won - money only updated once a month from eBay, I think).

Zazzle's probably going to be around the same - it's fairly static right now, fluctuating between $25-$40 every month or second month (depending on if I make payout; if not the second month is up in the $40 range).

Christmas should be fun. Seducing Bria Silivren further into Squidoo's coils by collaborating on a Swarovski niche (she is very fond of sparkly Swarovski jewellery)...
I've been experimenting with writing 'sales' pages. I tend to pick a topic I know will make a good niche, rather than one I'm terrible passionate about, then go on a COLLECT THEM ALL spree, and make great big multi-page lenses.
For example...

Swarovski Dragonflies: Crystal Figurines and Jewelry
Disney's Snow White Figurines, Ornaments, Dolls and Collectibles
Snow White Princess FigurinesSnow White has been recreated into a variety of beautiful figurines, by a range of skilled and highly collectible designers. From the stunning Armani, to the affordable Disney resins, one of these figurines will look perfect on your shelf.

But I did get to make some very fun pages recently - I've discovered that cosplay is a big traffic driver, so adding a bit about cosplay on my (fun to write) character lenses means that I can write them and not feel guilty about them never having a future in visitors!

Captain Malcolm Reynolds
Holli Would: The Sexiest Cartoon Ever
Margarethe Cammermeyer (okay, no cosplay for this one. But awesome lesbian who sued the US army and won!)
Illyria From Angel

Plus of course, VERY happy about the two Pratchett lenses - both are getting (small) amounts of traffic and ranking highly for searches on the upcoming books.
Snuff: The Next Vimes Book
The Long Earth - An Upcoming Pratchett Series

...okay. Boring linking over. This journal was more for me than for you!

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