Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Beauty of Barcelona: Gaudi's Architecture

This lens is the story of my mother's visit to Barcelona this year (those of you who've known me a little while may recall me having to move back home after my brother broke his leg, and to look after the cat, because my parents were gallivanting around the world - this was part of that gallivation. (Gallivantation?)

Antoni Gaudi is an amazing and creative architect, and she fell in love with his buildings - in my attempt to lure her onto Squidoo, I have put together a lens, which she wrote an article for, about the architecture they visited. The photos are fantastic (I spent hours editing them, so go appreciate!). She describes the Casa Mila, Parc Guell and La Sagrada Familia in detail.

twisting tower antonio gaudi There's dozens more photographs of other beautiful buildings - such as the two here - that will need to be fitted on later, but there's more than enough for now!

I'd love this lens to do well, for her sake - and because then she may actually open her own account! So please take the time to visit?

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