Friday, 20 August 2010

Cats on the Trampoline

When I was younger, we had a huge trampoline and it was great fun. I also had a cat (which I still have). Appparently the site of my feet flying up and down was irrestible, she'd leap up, and throw herself at my legs, in an attempt to either capture them or love me to death, depending on her mood. I inevitably would be in midair, and come back down to send her three feet in the air.

Apparently that was fun, because it usually inspired an attempt to eat me. I had to slow down, stroke her, and persuade her that I was not a toy, and she can get off now!

In light of that memory, have some trampoling cat videos :D (happy cats only, I don't approve of the ones where the cat's only been put there to be bounced for the camera)

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