Thursday, 19 August 2010

Giapo Organic Gelato and Ice Cream: A Must-Visit For Aucklanders

I've fairly recently discovered the fantastic delight that is Giapo gelato and ice cream. It's delicious, comes in huge cones, and is organic! It's a little shop on Queent street, just above the Civic Theatre and just below Borders - level with the public library (I do most of my navigation by the Library ^_^ ). They sell absolutely huge cones, so while it initially looks expensive, it really isn't.

I'd really like to get the word out about this place, because it is truly awesome (the actual shop is tiny and crowded and purple, and has these incredibly tall chairs outside that are hard to climb up on, but the ice cream... )

I've written a Squidoo page about Giapo (as I do about most things!) and if you're interested they're also all over the internet:


Also, their dark hot chocolate is to die for, if a bit expensive.

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