Monday, 13 December 2010

Zazzle Sales: Black Cat Tie and a BtVS Claddagh Ring iPhone Case!

Hmmm. Greasemonkey apparently doesn't agree with the newest version of Blogger. Well, now I've solved THAT, onto the fun stuff. Buffy and Zazzle monies.

I sold my second iPhone 4 case! More importantly, it validates both the random burst of 'hey, I want to try drawing Claddagh rings' (because 1) they're Buffy-related and 2) most of the Zazzle designs I was trying to add to my Buffy Claddagh rings page suck) and the subsequent two days of editing and uploading and tweaking and then deciding to add a silver one and rearranging the different orders of the Claddagh rings and so forth until I had an entire Zazzle section on Claddagh rings. And then I got bored and wandered off.

But I'm real pleased about the rings, cause I wanted to sell something Buffy-ish, but there are all those strict rules about copyright (and Zazzle is VERY strict about it, so even if it's technically fair use, you're usually out of luck).

But these rings are one of several standard designs, that Joss Whedon just happened to use. So, while it is screen-accurate, it's not a direct ripoff. And then I got creative with the designs a bit more :D
Oh, I also sold my second of these black cat ties! I made them aaaaages ago, and suddenly people are buying them? I'm amazed that people actually buy ties ^_^

Black Cat Stylish Tie tie
Black Cat Stylish Tie by Flynn_the_Cat
Browse White Ties

EDIT: Ptooey. The iPhone case was then also my very first cancellation (the next day). On the other hand, I've since sold another tie.

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