Friday, 10 December 2010

Last Minute Wrapping Paper Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, and I'm going to be faced with trying to wrap up a pile of presents, so I'm being organised (i.e. procrastinating on something else) and coming up with some plans/alternatives.

First, for obviousness, is of course buying a roll of wrapping paper from the shop.

Pros: I'll have enough (probably) to cover a large present, and I can pick the designs
Cons: Costs money, requires me to go buy some, and the rolls seem to be getting smaller and smaller. It's also not environmentally friendly, and I don't like a lot of the designs.

Secondly, the most likely course - taking my presents back to my parents' house and raiding their store of recycled wrapping paper (some of which is probably nearly as old as I am!). We keep a box full of all the salvageable pieces from each Christmas and birthday.

Pros: Free, neutral for the environment, lots of interesting designs to use
Cons: May not have enough to wrap up my presents, or large enough bits. Also means I can't wrap anything until I go there, with the added risk of people accidentally seeing their gifts.

Then we get into the more exotic ideas. Newspaper and plastic bags!
Pros: Can come in all sizes and are ideal for wrapping bulky and odd-shaped presents. They also add a lot more protection. It's another form of recycling, and as you probably have some lying around anyway, will be free and quick.
 Cons: Newspapers aren't pretty and plastic bags are a pain to open. These look like the cheap option.

Spare cardboard boxes!
Pros: Again, cheap and recyclable. Can fit almost any shape of present, and protects it from being broken. Also, mysterious boxes mean that people can't tell what's inside and makes for awesome pranks.
  • Fun times can be had by putting a tiny toy in a large box, filling one with catnip instead, or putting something that makes noise - like a phone with a cat meowing for the ringtone!)
Cons: Again, looks boring and cheap. You may need a lot of tape or packaging inside, and you may have to give up and cover the box with wrapping paper (very fancy) which defeats the point of last minute alternatives.

A cat. Persuade your cat to sleep on it, and the fur will hide the gift. This will lead to many amusing minutes of trying to remove the cat from the comfy bed on Christmas morning.

Carefully handmade wrapping paper. This can range from felt pens all over a white sheet of paper (the thinner the better), to artistic and unique handmade papers with artistic designs painted or flowers stuck on... Marbelling is a nice option too. Looks very pretty, if you're any good (or heartfelt, if you aren't!)

Clothing/cloth - indian throws solve everything! Just watch Black Books! If you're really desperate, you could use actual clothes, but bandannas, scarves, teatowels... and even a table cloth, are probably better options. You'll have to tie it with string or ribbon, rather than cellotape of course, but you could try making a bag (drawstring-style) instead of just wrapping it up.

Nothing. If you're really brave you could wrap it in magic air paper. Bonus points if you're giving them invisible cupcakes!

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