Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Review of the Pentax X70 Point-And-Shoot Camera

I just got bitten by the writing bug again, after getting a Zoo membership for Christmas, taking many photos and starting to create a lens around them about Auckland Zoo. From there, I started writing about my camera, discovered it's still going strong on Amazon, then realised it was time to review it properly (I've had it nearly two years, after all!)

If you've ever seen any photos on my lenses, blogs or galleries, it's a good chance that they came from this camera. The Pentax X70 is an ideal camera for the amateur photographer for wildlife (and zoo!), macro, portrait, landscape and architectural photography. It kinda sucks for low-light and parties though.

It's basically an upgraded point-and-shoot that has a lot of more advanced options and a really incredible zoom. I bought mine nearly two years ago, when they were first released and I was feeling quite frustrated with my current camera, as it was getting too limiting - but the big, fancy DSLRs were way too professional for my abilities and my wallet.

Anyway, lots of discussion about it's various points - from the point of view of someone who came up from the 'normal' point and shoot touristy/family cameras, as well as pictures and demo videos here on my Pentax X70 review lens.

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