Wednesday, 10 November 2010

FFTactics Fan Art: Sketchblog

Today's painting was of two characters I don't know - Princess Ovelia from FFTactics and her bodyguard, Agrias Oaks. In a compromising position, naturally, straight fan art is no fun. Uh. Pun not intended there, but appreciated :D Apparently an awesome game but can't be shipped to New Zealand, and even if it could it's in the wrong format.

I was able to choose any of the girls, and picked these two because 1) I could get a good idea of their roles, 2) there were a lot of reference pictures, 3) they actually interact and this picture is slightly believable in canon-context (how believable I don't know, not knowing the game, only the plotline).

I like the original sketch better in some respects (Ovelia's face) and the final painting better in others (Agrias' face!) - should have remembered to compare but too sleepy to risk editing now.

I have decided that I'm better sketching things like people, where you have to draw them right, with traditional pencil first, then scanning and painting - besides, it gives me something to do in my lunchbreak, now that it's not a dash for lunch/solitary leisure period of the day.

And I've learnt how to draw fan art - draw roughly similar characters for the sketch, then tweak and redraw and paint in ArtRage with reference pictures, adding all the 'fan' bits to the art.

And the problem with bright primary colours of red and blue and yellow, is picking a background colour is really hard. And anime hair is super annoying to translate into something resembling reality. And it was interesting to draw two such completely different women.

Anyway, here's a close-up (I like the eyes >.> ) - click to go to DeviantART for the full picture.

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