Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Autumn Art, A Sale and A New Bujold Book!

I actually sold an iPhone case on Zazzle! I am very surprised, as I was just making them for fun - it was this one ^_^ I remember painting this in the UK after visiting lots of art galleries in France and Germany. And it was the first time in a month I'd been able to sit at a computer and play with ArtRage (I carried my tablet with me. A possible addiction?). And I was looking forward to visiting Dartmoor again, which is probably my most favourite place in the world.

So, a mix of Der Blaue Reiter and impressionism (I actually got to see the Kandinsky exhibition in Munich) and cats, because I like cats. And the moors.

I've been getting all ambitious, with the release of iphone/iPad cases on Zazzle, and trying to make cases of all the pictures in my gallery. It's... did I say ambitious already? Oh, I did. Well, it's ambitious! I've been compiling them into a Squidoo lens - mostly only the iPhone 4 section has much to look at.
And I've been setting my mother up on Zazzle with her photography of Barcelona. So far I've done all the work, but she's very pleased with it ^_^ And adding slowly to the lens about Eyam I started for her.

Also, been rereading the Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold, and I still love them. They are brilliant, engaging and awesome. I attribute unto them my highest praise.And... OHO? There's a new book! Cryoburn just came out! I know what I want for Christmas!

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