Sunday, 7 November 2010

Eris x Maleficent: Sketchblog

I always think she's called Maleficient...

Been catching up and editing the Disney page again, and was drawing random sketches, so it crept into my brain enough that I decided right, I'm drawing some damn Disney.

So I did.
And I drew my two favourites - and the more I drew them, the more similar they seemed (both dark and chaotic, both purple and black, and both have weird yellow eyes), and the more likely that they should meet at some point in the summonings and meddlings and dark enchantments.

Anyway, this is the no-reference sketch... colouring the 'proper' finished picture now.

Oh crap. I'm being absorbed into fandom. I now want to write this story about how Maleficent was seduced by/called up Eris and that's how she gained her dark powers (And I know Eris isn't Disney, but animated fan art IS ALL ONE TO MOI). And now Eris is either her chaotic patron, or her partner in crime.

And I'm imagining Eris saying "There's this Kingdom and it's so terribly boring. Everything's so perfect and peaceful and good... and now they have a little princess who will grow up golden and angelic and boring, and marry the prince next door and create this dull bastion of goodness and light. Do something about it, dearest?"

And Maleficent smiles, and answers "But of course, my dear. It sounds... entertaining" and cackles. And then she gets magic dragon powers from Eris - who frankly, is entirely the epitome of shapechanging into huge things. And then they get bored and wander off after livening the place up.

Finished the painting; the full version's on DA, this is the closeup (click to go to the DA version). Pleased with Maleficent and Diablo, but there's something wrong with Eris.

eris malificent purple green black fan art raven diablo

Come to think of it, I haven't come across any Erix x Malificent art or stories. This is a terrible state of affairs.


  1. you know what they say, if its not there, you gotta make it there (or something)

    besides its a rule of the internet. if someone mentions it, it must be true! so make sure it is :D

  2. Oh look I just found you a new fic prompt :D *holds I Shall Wear Midnight hostage (just wrested it back off family).

  3. lol i dont even know who those people are! im just the extra boost YOU need to do it. i have my own bunnies to wrestle

  4. ...fine. Say goodbye to your book.

    Playboy bunnies?


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