Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sketchblog: Aayla Secura

Star Wars AOTC Attack of The Clones Battle of Geonosis Aayla Secura FigureAayla Secura is a Twi'lek jedi character, and that's about all I know. But a friend of mine is planning to cosplay her, so I figured why not draw her?

Plus sexy. And blue. I love monochromatic palettes, I've realised; I tend to do well with a couple of strong colour themes.

So here's the sketch... (referenced off about six different images; one cartoon, one cosplay, one fan art, one screencap... none of them the same style or pose! So she came out of it rather unique, and I'm very please with meself.

Of course, once I started painting, I noticed a lot of problems...

See her a bit larger on DeviantART

...For the first real painting in months, I am very very happy. Oh yes.

My back, head and stomach are not so happy - it took me nine hours, almost non-stop, and I started at... well. About 10pm. I'm exhausted, I can't feel my fingers (so cooooold) and as soon as I think 'hurrah, bedtime!' my stomach starts growling (I think I forgot to have dinner, I was playing too much with ArtRage).

But I think she'll make an awesome poster.

Soundtrack was also awesome - a bunch of fan-gamer songs from Miracle of Sound

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