Saturday, 25 June 2011

April Squidoo Tier Payments

Squidoo's pending payouts for April are now visible on the Earnings tab. This is the summary of payouts for each tier and ad type, and the difference from last month (all up except for the very smallest; Tier 3 Chitika and Infolinks).

Tier 1
Chitika $1.24 (up 28c)
Infolinks $5.74 (up 9c)
Ad Pool $25.31 (up$1.81)

Total $32.29 (up $2.08!)

Tier 2

Ad Pool $4.30 (up 30c)
Chitika $0.21 (up 5c)
Infolinks $0.98 (up 2c)

Total $5.49 (up 37c!)

Tier 3
Chitika $0.01
Infolinks $0.05
Ad Pool $0.22 (up 2c)

Total $0.28 (up 3c - probably some hidden decimals...)

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