Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Amazon Conversion Rate and Sales

A history of conversion rates from my Amazon Associates account:
When I have a little more data, I'll compare my Squidoo vs. Amazon rates of sales.

  • Oct: 6.19% Tier: 6% (very few links, mostly very targeted - 7 orders, 113 clicks)
  • Nov: 3.47% Tier: 6% (I started spreading the links around, and got five times as many clicks - 20 orders, 576 clicks but some didn't ship till Dec)
  • Dec: 6.43% Tier: 6.5%(Christmas shopping season - most people bought several items; 90 orders and 1399 clicks)
  • Jan 3.26% Tier: 6%
  • Feb 1.48% Tier: 6%
  • March 1.89% Tier: 6%
  • April 3.80% Tier: 6.5%
  • May 1.13% Tier: currently 6% but due to a very large order in April, which shipped in May, I should easily make the 6.5% tier

But wait - what about the lead up to Christmas versus the period after?

Dec 1-24th: 7.87% (87 orders, 1106 clicks)
Dec 26th onwards: 1.16% (huge drop-off after Christmas but still some orders, of single items only - 3 orders and 259 clicks)

Overall to date: 5.60%

After Christmas, my conversion rate dropped significantly, but I always made the 6% tier (in some cases only just, in others I was only a sale or two short of the next tier!). On average, I made about 20 sales a month.

I am seeing an increasing number of sales via my Squidoo lenses, and a decrease in sales from elsewhere (whether my fault or the whims of Google I'm not yet sure). Tracking sales from each site, I've found that I make the same or more sales from Squidoo each month.

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